The 134th Canton Fair is currently underway and we welcome all guests to the Mingcai booth


  On October 15, 2023, the exhibition hall of the China Import and Export Commodity Fair welcomed the opening of the 134th Canton Fair. As one of the largest and most influential comprehensive international trade events in the world, this year's Canton Fair will be held in three phases in Guangzhou from October 15th to November 4th. Our company will participate in one phase from October 15th to 19th, from 9am to 6pm every day, with booths located in Zone A at 1.1D43-1.1D46 and 1.1E05-1.1E08.


  Shenzhen Mingcai (MCTV), as a well-known enterprise specializing in the fields of TV, display, and commercial display, showcased its latest and hottest TV, display, commercial display products, air conditioning, new energy, and other products at this year's Canton Fair. The MCTV team will explore cooperation opportunities with buyers and suppliers from around the world.


  The booth design of Mingcai is simple and elegant, showcasing the company's core product series. The TV exhibition area showcases the latest products such as high-definition smart TVs, providing users with a stunning visual experience. The display area showcases multiple displays suitable for different scenarios, including commercial displays, esports displays, etc., to meet users' demand for high-quality displays. The business exhibition area showcases Mingcai's innovative solutions in commercial applications, such as advertising machines and interactive all-in-one machines. The air conditioning exhibition area showcases the company's latest energy-saving and environmentally friendly air conditioning, meeting customers' requirements for low energy consumption and high quality. The new energy exhibition area showcases the company's latest research and development achievements in energy storage and inverter fields.



  During the exhibition, buyers and suppliers from all over the world stopped at the Mingcai booth, expressing strong interest in the innovative products displayed. Mingcai staff introduced the features and advantages of the products to visitors and answered their questions. At the same time, the company's core product series was introduced to customers, and the characteristics and advantages of the products were explained in detail. In addition, visitors experienced Mingcai's products firsthand, experiencing their excellent quality and innovative technology. They all expressed that Mingcai's products have brought them a new visual experience and met their demand for high-quality displays. Many foreign customers have highly praised Mingcai's products and expressed their hope to establish a cooperative relationship with Mingcai to jointly explore the market.


  Mr. Ke, General Manager of Shenzhen Mingcai (MCTV), said, "We are very honored to participate in the 134th Canton Fair. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase our latest products and technologies. We hope to establish connections with more partners and jointly explore the market through this exhibition



  The 134th Canton Fair attracted exhibitors and visitors from all over the world, showcasing the strong strength and innovative capabilities of China's foreign trade. Shenzhen Mingcai (MCTV) will continue to actively participate in exhibition activities, engage in in-depth communication with customers, and jointly promote the development of the industry.


  Welcome all guests to the Shenzhen Mingcai (MCTV) booth, booth numbers 1.1D43-1.1D46 and 1.1E05-1.1E08 in Zone A, to explore the future of innovation with us!