Color TV Enterprises "bet" on Laser TV


On April 3, 16 laser TV industry chain enterprises jointly launched the "Dawn Action Plan" to expand and strengthen China's laser TV industry. 
Under the background of the rapid iteration of display technology and the favorable national policy of ultra-high-definition video industry, China's laser television industry is forming a joint force to accelerate the expansion of the market blue sea. 
On April 3, the first general meeting of the laser and television industry branch of the China Electronic Video Industry Association was held in Beijing. Sixteen laser TV industry chain enterprises jointly launched the "Dawn Action Plan" to expand and strengthen China's laser TV industry. 
At present, the color TV industry is facing subversive technological changes. The 13th five-year Plan clearly regards laser and other new display technologies as key areas of development, while the appeal of the laser television market is also expanding. Retail sales of laser televisions rose 483.23 per cent in 2018 from a year earlier, compared with 188.26 per cent in February, according to Zhongyikang data. 
In contrast, the domestic color TV market as a whole is in the doldrums. However, driven by the upgrading of consumption, the high-end large screen market is growing rapidly. This brings a good opportunity for the popularization of new technology and products such as laser TV, 8K TV and so on. The price of mainstream laser TV products is nearly 20,000 yuan, which is still a hot item in the high-end large screen market. 
"only by expanding the laser television industry can we expand the new blue sea of the color TV industry. "Gao Yuling, vice president of the laser television industry and general manager of a letter laser display company, admitted that among the current mainstream display technologies, only laser display can greatly improve the color performance of television. It makes the color of human eye perception richer and brighter, and has the unique advantages of healthy eye protection and energy saving, which determines the bright future of laser television. 
Unlike in the era of flat panel television, the core technology and industrial autonomy of laser television are in the hands of Chinese enterprises. As a leader in laser television, Hisense launched the world's first ultra-short focus laser television as early as 2014. it has mastered key technologies in laser light source technology, optical-mechanical modules, whole machine manufacturing, and so on, and has declared more than 700 technology patents. And take the lead in the development of international standards and national standards for laser display, and actively promote the maturity of laser television technology, industry and market. 
According to reports, laser television is a high cost-effective large-size television solution at the present stage, and has the opportunity to expand to smaller sizes and more application scenarios. According to the forecast of Oviyun, by 2022, the sales of laser TV in the Chinese market will exceed 1 million units, sales will reach 11.8 billion yuan. 
In order to grasp the new business opportunities, the enterprises of all parties are competing for each other, and the laser television camp is growing day by day. Participants revealed that from upstream optical machine research and development to downstream machine manufacturing, China already has the laser display industry chain technology, related enterprises are forming a leading next-generation display technology "destiny community." 
It is worth noting that as the laser television market continues to heat up, there is a mixed phenomenon in the industry. for example, the concepts of "laser television" and "laser projection" are not clear. "brightness" and other core technical indicators vary greatly, as well as price confusion, and so on. The enterprise alone can not solve the problem. It is necessary to gather the power of laser TV industry to form a new pattern of healthy competition and healthy development as soon as possible. 
Qiao Mingsheng, secretary-general of the laser television industry branch, said that the laser television industry branch will focus on releasing 70-inch laser television products this year to realize the expansion of the laser television to the medium-sized product line. The second is to actively carry out the application research of LCOS display chip and start the research of 8K resolution display scheme; the third is to improve the performance and production yield of domestic anti-light screen and promote the development of high-gain curly anti-light screen. 
People in the industry expect that with the growth of the laser television industry chain, the growing maturity of laser television technology and the continuous enrichment of laser television product lines, laser television will quickly enter thousands of households and usher in a golden period of development.